The gods aren't dead or a myth: the Roman gods are still alive, and to this date, they are mating with humans. Their children? They reside here for training and protection.
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 Capture The Flag!

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Caspian Hortensis

Caspian Hortensis

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PostSubject: Capture The Flag!   Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:52 pm

The game will continue until we have a winner. Red team please post in red, and blue team please post in blue. Red shall begin the game, and blue will reply. Only one member per teams make the team post: if you double post, it will be DELETED.

Were things as seriously as I thought they would be? Hell yeah. I calmly stood in my prim and proper gold imperial armor along with the red leather underneath, to show that I was a member of the red team. I slid on my helmet, which had the red... fur at the top. I really never knew what that was: I just always knew it was comfortable and it came in red and blue for Capture the Flag. Red was really flashy, but being obscured in the border woods during the night would probably be pretty good. Caspian only had three pilum on him, which he was going to use as aerial weapons or maybe just as a long ranged close combat tool. There were so many things, but he never played such a role in a game before. Usually people just wanted him to stay in the middle and try to stop those from getting the flag. Now that he was claimed: he was playing an important role. To get to the opposing flag.

They were in the east woods, with their rivals in the west woods. They would have to make a full circle around camp to the other side, which made these games so lethal. Yet, the woods were rather small in distance, which made it easy.

DEE-DEE-DEEE! The trumpets started blaring and thats what urged Caspian to move forward as he hid himself behind a tree, taking into a full sprint along the edge of the woods, sliding tree by tree. He had to be very sneaky if he wanted to get to the other teams camp. He gripped a Pilum in his hand just in case, and then continued on forward towards the ditch, ready to hop into enemy territory.


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Hectar Garner

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PostSubject: Re: Capture The Flag!   Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:04 am

Hectar ran down to the Woods. In all his years at Camp, he'd never missed a single game of Capture the Flag. His punctuality was mainly superior. As he ran, he pressed the centre of his ring. The Imperial Bronze dagger unfolded in his hand. He arrived at the Woods and put on his armour just in time for the beginning of the game. The trumpets blew regally and in his mind he thought, 'Let the tournament... begin!' He snook to the edge, as was always his job, to just near the highway. He wondered what any passing mortals would think. Just to be sure, he clicked his fingers and felt the Mist flex. He now knew that they would only see a young whippernapper hiding from his friends. As a nice touch, he didn't expand it to the other team. They could do it themselves.

Next, Hectar crept along the ditch, like a Lion looking for the weak, lonely Gazelle to hunt. He span his sword in hand. It was almost silent, but Hectar's ADHD made it seem like a shrill whistle. Suddenly, he saw it. His unwilling Gazelle.

At first, Hectar hesitated. Was it a trick? Could this guy be a decoy? Maybe... So, he did something he knew would make it so that his could find out. He slithered along on his belly like a snake, making sure that he didn't snap any twigs, and took out his first trap. A basic yet small net. He rolled to on tree, as the guy ran towards the border, and climbed up the tree. When he reached the top, and the guy was just about to hop over, he threw the net down and hoped with all his heart that the guy would get caught and not shoot him with an arrow or something along those lines.

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Paget Day

Paget Day

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PostSubject: Re: Capture The Flag!   Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:37 am

((Reaaaally sorry to spam but I haven't really been told anything. I only recently found out there would be CTF, have no clue what Paget should do or even which team she's in. Could someone please help?))
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PostSubject: Re: Capture The Flag!   

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Capture The Flag!
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