The gods aren't dead or a myth: the Roman gods are still alive, and to this date, they are mating with humans. Their children? They reside here for training and protection.
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 Canon List

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Caspian Hortensis

Caspian Hortensis

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Canon List Empty
PostSubject: Canon List   Canon List EmptySun Nov 07, 2010 6:56 pm

These are the only known canons.

Jason Grace
Canon List 2uh8x29
Son of Jupiter
Hunter Parrish

Dakota Hill
Canon List 003
Son of Apollo
Cory Monteith

Bobby Cheung
Canon List 070
Son of Invidia
Min Ho Lee

Canon List Diannaagron2
Daughter of Cupid
Dianna Agron

Canon List 54dj0h
Daughter of Bacchus
Kaya Scodelario

Canon List Abby12
Daughter of Demeter

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Jason Grace

Jason Grace

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Canon List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canon List   Canon List EmptyMon Nov 08, 2010 10:57 am

*puts hand up* Jason is now taken
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Canon List
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