The gods aren't dead or a myth: the Roman gods are still alive, and to this date, they are mating with humans. Their children? They reside here for training and protection.
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Caspian Hortensis

Caspian Hortensis

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PostSubject: THE QUEST AUDITIONS!   Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:54 pm

We shall have a quest to kick off the plot! Now, here is how it works: you will pm and application to either Caleb Hanson, Emily Ford or myself, Caspian Hortensis. We will proceed to review the application and will pick the person we deem best fit for the job. We cannot audition for it. Whoever wins gets to pick three quest companions - but only if they have sent in an audition to be on the quest. A list will be kept below


Character Name: Obvious.
Character Age: Obvious.
Godly Parent: If Unclaimed, put so.
Weapon of Choice: The weapon your character uses
RP Sample: Honestly, dont just overwrite here... just do a casual post of your average size, it's all about content. It has to be of your character going to the Oracle and getting the prophecy.

Four halfbloods settle from the west
Approached by a weary test
By the approval of wisdom
They shall be fearsome
To find the wreath
That settles the peace
The rivalry is done
For the price of one


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