The gods aren't dead or a myth: the Roman gods are still alive, and to this date, they are mating with humans. Their children? They reside here for training and protection.
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 This is the place ((open ))

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James Lockwood

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This is the place ((open )) Empty
PostSubject: This is the place ((open ))   This is the place ((open )) EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 8:05 pm

"You've made it, son." That was the voice James heard in his head. He knew it was his dad. It had taken him three days without food or water to find this... camp or whatever it was. He was victorious. He breathed deeply. The place was amazing. It was Greek, or so he thought. "And do not let the war of Zeus- Jupiter and Neptune affect you, my son." The presence of his father retreated. "No! Who are you? Who is Jupiter? Who is Neptune?" He yelled. He wasn't in the mood for all this. He had just fought off a bunch of demons, and he was exhausted and bloody. He fell unconscious.
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This is the place ((open ))
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