The gods aren't dead or a myth: the Roman gods are still alive, and to this date, they are mating with humans. Their children? They reside here for training and protection.
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 Character Sheet

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Caspian Hortensis

Caspian Hortensis

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:06 pm

    SPECIES: Demigod, God, Centaur, Nymph, Nereid, etc.
    GODLY PARENT: GENDER. Male or Female. (Demigod and Cyclops only)
    FACE CLAIM: The celebrity whom your character takes appearance in.

    PERSONALITY: At least 100 words.

    APPEARANCE: At least 100 words.

    HISTORY: At least 200 words.


[b]SPECIES:[/b] [i]Demigod, God, Centaur, Nymph, Nereid, etc.[/i]
[b]GODLY PARENT:[/b] [i]GENDER. Male or Female. (Demigod and Cyclops only)[/i]
[b]FACE CLAIM:[/b] [i]The celebrity whom your character takes appearance in.[/i]

[b]PERSONALITY:[/b] [i]At least 100 words.[/i]

[b]APPEARANCE:[/b] [i]At least 100 words.[/i]

[b]HISTORY:[/b] [i]At least 200 words.[/i]
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Character Sheet
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